Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gaddafi's last minutes

Don't shoot! Dictator begs for his life after being dragged from a drain. Seconds later he was summarily executed

Pleading: Muammar Gaddafi pleaded with his captors for his life after he was found cowering in a storm drain
Paraded: Gaddafi struggled with his captors in video footage taken by rebel fighters after he was captured
Terrified: Gaddafi pleaded for his life after he was captured by rebel fighters
Fear: Becoming increasingly desperate, Gaddafi asked a rebel fighter 'What did I ever do to you'
Chaotic: Gaddafi was pushed around by rebel fighters, one of whom filmed the incident on a mobile telephone
Struggle: Video footage shows Gaddafi being hauled off a rebel fighter truck minutes after his capture
Manhandled: Rebel fighters pictured being taken off a truck shortly after he was detained
Arguing: Gaddafi pictured in chaotic video footage minutes before he was killed

Bundled: An ambulance carries Gaddafi's body from Sirte to Misrata
Transporting: An ambulance, containing happy rebel fighters, carries Gaddafi's body after he was executed
Brutal: There had been fierce fighting around the drain before Gaddafi was finally killed. The body of a fighter can be seen in the dust at the centre of the screen
Already a monument: As celebrations continued, more and more graffiti appeared at the entrance to the drain where the leader was eventually found
Battleground: Bodies of suspected Gaddafi loyalists lie outside the storm drains their leader was captured

Shahzad Afzal

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