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The Common League's All Friendly Political and Economic Agenda

A Tax Free, Disease Free, Arms Free and Corruption Free Pakistan.

Goals: . Secure peace, enjoin righteousness, forbid evil, ensure justice and foster unity forms the foundation of our political setup. A National Government in cooperation and working relationships with all Political Parties and Groups in any and all acts of Common Good while making all and every one a winner with no losers with Wellbeing and Happiness of all the World's Seven Billion.

Our promise:

People are often unreasonable, irrational and self-centered. Forgive them, Love them and Help them anyway.

The Rotten Current World Leadership
: With chaos, confusion, violence, more and more guns, more and more bombs, death, destruction, illnesses, illiteracy, insecurity, poverty, hunger, deprivation, suicides pornography, rape, murder, fornication, rampant corruption, loot, plunder, back braking taxation, illegitimate wars , engineered disputes, waste of hard earned public money in irregular activities, the current world leadership is not at all self sustainable. Its time has come to an end

What  we do not have in today's world to make our lives heavenly with so much surplus in resources, production capacity, technological advancement, information technology and a lot more conveniences for development and advancement plus yet un-tapped abundant natural resources but It is not 'WHAT YOU HAVE'  that makes great nations and civilizations  but ' WHAT YOU DO WITH WHAT YOU HAVE ' surely does.

But the World has become hostage in the hands of a few unscrupulous, utterly corrupt and criminal elements and their collaborators in vested interests, the vested interests in arms, energy, oil, tobacco, finance, politics and the rest.  

Wars must be fought to keep the wheels of arms industry running and no one cares if tobacco continues to kill over six millions every year, all under the patronage of world's Executive / Judiciary and the so called United Nations. Twice as many, these world managers, watch dying from diseases which are preventable. Pity on you the G-20.

What we aim to do - Our Agenda: 

 Armed Forces and the LEAs : Armed Forces shall be further strengthened with higher number of recruits  including calling back of those on pension / retired, to deploy this  disciplined team , in addition to regular armed forces tasks , for infrastructural and industrial build-up, self sufficiency in  agricultural , abundance in Power ,Water , Gas and exploration and exploitation of natural resources of  Pakistan.

Austerity: A soft ban shall be imposed on imports of all non-essential, unnecessary, expensive, unproductive and harmful articles as well as those which may be locally produced with some effort.  


Autonomy: The country shall be geographically re-classified, more or less, into twenty provinces.  

Banking: The Institution of Banking shall be reformed so as to make it people friendly.  Mark-up / interest rates shall be kept around 6% and 3% for construction of Houses, Hospitals and Educational Institutions, with schedule of charges slashed to less than half of what is currently charged.


Communication: Land lines, wireless and cell phones, internet including postal services shall be made affordable and accessible to all with no fixed line rent. Import of phone sets, cell phones, laptops, desk tops   etc shall be replaced with local manufacturing under an offset and technology transfer plan with current exporters to Pakistan.                                  .                                 

 Cooperation for Common Good: An initiative shall be launched to form an economic block of Asian countries while a dialogue shall be opened to make a confederation of Afghanistan and Pakistan.  

Crimes: Crimes shall be addressed with a positive approach of rooting out the causes with incentives and compelling circumstances to check crimes.

Corruption: All black and not documented money including the looted money shall be legalized without any penalty, taxation and with no questioning for bringing back into the country for investment in basic needs such as water, power, food, education, housing and health sectors lest we end up losing all that to foreign banks. 

Economy : - The  economy shall be widely de-regulated to give freedom for businesses to grow, expand and  flourish. No capacity to remain un-utilized, no resource to wait its full exploitation and no man hours to be lost in jobs not productive or commercially viable such as guards, beggars and the unemployed.


Education: Considering constitutional guarantees in letter and spirit and focusing on passion and purpose, education shall be declared as industry with zero taxation. However maximum fee levels shall be imposed to keep the cost of education affordable to majority of the population. A 100 % compulsory and concessionary primary education shall be legislated with all educational institutions to work 20 hours (3 shifts) a day and 7 days a week. Technical colleges cum workplaces shall be franchised to impart education, on job training and regular work to support their living enabling them to earn while the students enhance their knowledge and capabilities. 


Employment: 100% employment shall be legislated with a total ban on beggary, with enabling environment and compelling circumstances to make it necessary and mandatory for everyone to work for a living. Each work place shall accommodate a fixed number of trainees. Work opportunities shall be created in thickly populated localities.



Exploitation: Legislation shall be introduced to eliminate exploitation, highhandedness and corporate monopolies.   

E-Voting : NADRA shall  issue e-CNICs to all adults / eligible voters , voluntarily with no fee or charges, with provisional cards in case of insufficient documentation to at least have access to people with their names , addresses, photos and thumb impressions, simultaneously e-listing of the eligible voters.  

Federal Capital:  The federal capital shall be shifted to Baluchistan. Wonder what Pakistan would have been, an economically vibrant, peaceful and greater with East Pakistan still with us. Let us thus safeguard our territories and secure our today's Pakistan with Baluchistan as an integral and active part. 

Foreign Debt: Support shall be mobilized for writing off or for at least 10 year suspension with no additional markup, of all the foreign debt servicing with an end to future borrowing.  

Foreign Policy:  Only sane, sensible, mature, mutually secure and beneficial to future generations of all the mankind approach shall be accepted and supported. We ourselves shall likewise remain orderly and disciplined in all our thinking, planning and dealings with all other nations making our relations valuable, viable and helpful to all.     

Freedom: No one shall have the freedom to hurt any other human being emotionally, physically and financially, sharing "yes "but exclusion and deprivation of  none.  

Gas : Fixed minimum charge shall be reduced to Rs.100 pm with introduction of quarterly billing for households.  

Government: We shall have a Presidential form of National Government , not a single party Government, by "under 50's half of them women, with minimal of supporting costs, taking full advantage of e-government techniques, teleconferencing, privatization of services , mergers and government-private partnerships. No party alone shall be given mandate to rule being in simple majority instead system shall facilitate forming of a National Government with minimum of legislation as Less Government is the Best Government. ,


Health:  Free Medical Consultations and Vaccinations thru a vast network of Franchised Clinics cum Pharmacy outlets in and around every locality shall be made accessible to all the population to remedy common ailments, focusing on disease eradication more than the simple disease management to build a healthy nation. 

Housing: A triggering of construction boom shall be facilitated for the housing self-sufficiency with a promise of ownership of a house for every family in the next 360 days. For expatriate Pakistanis a portal shall be launched to buy and sell, rent and let and manage their properties as absentees' owners in arrangement with Banks in Pakistan.


Human Dignity: Handcuffing of accused till proven guilty shall be abolished with a system of monitoring and surveillance thru an Electronic - e-CNIC card for every national so as caging of animals as pets shall be banned.  

Industry :PIDC shall be handed over to the cartel of 100 Richest Families of Pakistan with a goal to set up a 1000 industrial units every year to replace imports with local production.

Jails : Jails produce more die hard criminals , give way to multiple social problems in the families of those imprisoned and help in no way to improve law and order situation while costing the exchequer a lot , first to maintain the jails and then by keeping prisoners out of work as such system of jails shall stand abolished.

Judiciary: The appointments of judges shall be proposed strictly meeting constitutional requirements by the supreme judicial council but the senate shall approve those appointments after open scrutiny in front of the press and the electronic media directly relayed live on TV screens, starting the process of such scrutiny with the current lower judiciary. The supreme judicial council shall be constituted from amongst the living retired chief justices of superior courts.  

Kashmir : A forceful campaign shall be lodged to secure rights of self-determination and its implementation thru UNO resolutions about Kashmir and Palestine  

Land and Sea Potentials. With induction of foreign expertise thru JV arrangements all available land, under the supervision of the world's top geologists, agricultural and farming experts and other professionals, shall be put to some use, most appropriate to its content and whatever is good for the people of the area including exploration and mining to secure other land riches.

Law and Order: All arms licenses shall be cancelled to facilitate De-weaponising the country and by calling back, in phases, all arms and ammunitions from police, rangers and all other security personnel and with all the public, excluding those assigned responsibility of securing borders and other sensitive locations while visas and stay permits granted to all black water / xe personnel shall be withdrawn.  

Mafias :Land Mafia , Water Mafia, Spurious Drugs Mafia, Fake Products Mafia, Custom Mafia, Lawyers Mafia, Police Mafia, Tax Mafia,Bhattas Mafia, Crime Mafia , Media Mafia, Under World Mafia , the list is long and we cannot kill them all , they are part of our main stream population. Crack down shall fall back on us as millions of jobs are associated with all that. We shall  find a respectable living and regular and lucrative occupations acceptable to them and harmless to the society.




Media : A Media Foundation shall be created with the aim to free media men and women from the clutches of financial constrains in order to give them needed strength to review , investigate and  report fearlessly .Print and electronic media shall be economically made viable thru strategic mergers to run it cost effectively. Media shall be assigned specific tasks of Nation Building covering Economic and Social life of people first addressing the basic needs such as Food , Education , Housing ,Health  etc and shall be periodically evaluated. Sensational, false and exaggerated reporting and slandering shall be heavily penalized.  

Mergers : Legislation shall be introduced for mergers and amalgamations for cost effective, efficient and affordable banking, insurance, financing, education, health services, transport,, mailing, information technology, media, broad casting, bureaucracy, cultivation, farming, processing, production, distribution, marketing, exports, bulk buying, procurement, logistics, services and management to check unnecessary duplication and overcrowding

Northern Areas : Northern areas , with the help of the donor countries , UNO specific relevant funds, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet foundations, the UNICEF, the universal medical profession , health ministries, medicine industry, health services industry plus with cooperation of local population and support of the richest families in Pakistan and that of the world and the lending institutions and Gulf Sovereign funds shall be developed as a complex of mega medical cities for our global community with universities for students and hospitals for the sick from all over the world with homes for neglected and separated , mostly western, elderly for a managed living to spend their final days in comfort of beautiful valleys, excellent climate, healthy environment at a friction of the cost they incur back at their home places with secured hostels for the students ,doctors , paramedical staff and the teaching faculties plus hotels for the visitors thereby making those areas economically viable and self-sustainable providing at the same times employment and skill enhancement opportunities for the local population to live in peace while engaged in bread earning noble tasks in the field of health services with a total ban on smoking and other tobacco usage. Airports, railway tracks, roads and bridges shall be built to facilitate movements. Foreign, as well as local investment shall be facilitated with concessions and easy legislation.  

Oil Prices: Through an OIC resolution the oil prices shall be fixed for the next 15 years at a maximum of US Dollar 25 per barrel To reciprocate, "economic advantages" shall be offered in and by importing countries to the exporting countries in exports -imports and investments.

Prices: Consequently prices of all essential items of food, medicine, fuel, utilities and many other goods and services shall be reduced to, more or less, half of current levels.

Power Generation: The producing and manufacturing sectors shall be free to work round the clock with nation getting into the habit of early to bed, early to rise. A project of "smart poles " shall be launched to provide un-interrupted solar and /or  led lights , vigilance cameras while generating income from publicity ads / small bill boards,  direction signs , moral messages and emergency phones net - work for making good use of smart poles for common good   


Productive Environment: Thus giving an enabling environment to common men and women to live in peace, security, honor and dignity while keeping them busy in bread earning engagements in productive / constructive activities, all with commercial viability and making all that rewarding for the investors and the team players.   

Services: Most Governmental services shall be outsourced and / or franchised with government vs public partnership   

Simple Islam : Obligatory Prayers , Ramadan  Fasting to keep us fit and healthy and contended. Those who are financially capable shall pay Zakat , offer Hajj and enjoin the righteousness. Mosques shall be freed from the clutches of professional Imams.

Social Coherence: Inter provincial and inter sects marriages shall be encouraged to help recreate a healthier nation, build national coherence and to embrace religious harmony and reduce problems related to ethnicity and religion.  All colours of turbines except white shall be banned. All other sectarian activities, meetings, gatherings shall be outlawed. The institution of visual entertainment shall be strictly directed towards social reform and moral as well as scientific education. All shrines shall be remodeled to appear as simple mosques for prayers and teaching of Quran. 

Sovereignty : Stories of religious extremism, terrorism, Taliban's, excesses of IMF and drone attacks and presence of XE / Black Water personnel shall be made history thru a classic approach of high level of diplomacy and determination with a courage to say a definite "no"  to all that is not legitimate , not constitutional , illegal and unacceptable. 

Taxation: Born free, taxed to death. The system of direct taxation shall be abolished for all those who earn below rupees fifty million a year including the salaried people. 

Terrorism: . Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent. Love and respect is commanded and not demanded, authority and strength is derived and not taken, privileges are earned and not taken for granted, good relations are cultivated and nourished and not dictated. Cases shall be filed in international criminal courts for war crimes against those who supply weapons and provide funds to extremists, separatist elements and outlaws to destabilize our country with a challenge to UNO to play its role. 

Taliban : Why fight with loss of enormous resources, lives, credibility, peace and trust when one can buy the problems of difficult elements dirt cheap in comparison to costs of wars. Have we forgotten a peaceful, all the good Afghanistan under regime of Taliban.  

Transportation: Both road as well as railways shall be modernized and heavily subsidized to make it convenient and affordable for common men and women.   




Women: Women shall be supported with enabling environment to join main stream of social and economic life of the nation as doctors, nurses, teachers, religious scholars, researchers, architects, designers, equity holders, entrepreneurs and parliamentarians additionally with establishment of all women hospitals, schools, stock exchanges and courts. There are examples in character and roles of honourable Marriam, Khadija, Ayesha and Fatimah to follow by women of the world.  

World peace: Support and consensus shall be gathered of all 57 OIC countries to make good use of sovereign funds of Gulf Royals 'with help and guidance from learned amongst the 1.7 billion Muslim population' to lobby in favor of a real good presidential candidate in next US elections, with an effective UNO general assembly dismissal of Security Council, an accomplice of the World War Lords, Veto Powers withdrawn, NATO dismantled and UNO peace keeping force in the making.  

Youth: The nation of future, form 63% of Pakistan's population , how lucky. As such they will be given recognition to motivate them to take due interest and play an active role in occupying and re-building of national institutions of Governance, Economy and Social life having facilitated with enabling environment to perform and deliver.   

Zakat: Zakat vouchers shall be introduced internationally working with the institution of banking for those who are liable to pay Zakat to give to needy and poor to pay for essential food items, medicine and to pay school fees and alms giving to individuals shall be banned so that the use of charity and Zakat is regulated in order to alleviate the sufferings of the down trodden.  

Council of Guardians : We may also wish to constitute a Shoura / a Council of Guardians consisting of retired Chief Justices, retired Attorneys of law, retired Prime Ministers, retired Presidents, retired Armed Forces Chiefs, retired Generals, retired CEO''s of Corporations, ex Parliamentarians and members of Senate and the Scholars and Heads of Madaris, the senior Politicians and Journalists, heads of institutions of Finance and Economy and Foreign affairs, all those with a clean , unblemished character and an accomplished track record.  

My very best regards,

Convener and Chairman Council of Guardians 

Shuja R. Khan 

The common league:

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